Monday, August 25, 2014

Packing is the pits!

For those of you who have moved, are in the midst of a move, or are helping someone pack to is the pits, eh?

I think the most fun part of moving is when you are helping someone else. You get to go home at night and crash. They, on the other hand, get all the stress and headache of the whole thing. Another good thing about packing someone else's stuff, is that when you go home you look at all YOUR stuff and realize you don't ever want to pack it, so you throw stuff out, donate stuff and look at stuff and wonder 'where the heck did I get this stuff and why the heck am I keeping it?'

Now I realize that if I just don't do anything with my stuff, some day my kids and grand kids will be the ones to get rid of my stuff for me! There will be choice words and lots of mumbling and grumbling, but I won't be there to hear it! HA!! Is this really fair to them though? Yes, I think that it's really the way it is supposed to work. Raised the kids, helped with the grand kids.....this is payback. Plus, it's easier for them to throw it out, as it's once or twice removed stuff that they don't give a hoot and holler about, so it's just easier for the. Big dumpster, moved to the yard and stuff thrown out the window and into the dumpster....then someone comes and hauls it all away.

I'll make sure to leave some money for the dumpster and a case of your favorite beverage in the 'frig.

Now, as to your father's stuff, well that is another story. I found 26 pairs of needle nose pliers in various drawers IN the house. No telling what's in the basement and attic. Better get two dumpsters, is my guess....or maybe 3.

Yes, my packing days for me are over!! Love to my family!!!

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