Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Ok, so I haven't posted in awhile.  I've been so busy with spring cleaning....NOT!  I have come to the realization that spring cleaning is soooo over-rated.  I mean, really, if I get down on my hands and knees and scrub the baseboards with a toothbrush, is anyone really going to know it.  And if they do notice, well then maybe they just aren't really my friend.  A little dirt on the baseboards never hurt me or anyone else.  Now wait, maybe it did hurt me because the very few times I have done it (very few) I realized just how boney my knees really were and how much it killed my back, and for what??? I don't even own that dang house anymore and whoever lives in it now probably never does the baseboards (and I for sure know they don't take care of the garden!) so what good came from it.

I think Jesus had the right idea....if you don't try to possess things, then they can't possess you.  I DO NOT lose sleep over the fact that right now my windows are dirty, with crud from winter lining the outside edge and it would sure be nice to use some window cleaner and make them shine.  So I will.  The next time I open a window, I will clean window at the time....not ALL the windows in one day.  I have 12 so I figure if I clean a window a week they will all be clean by Fall.  You say, yes but by then the first windows will be dirty again. Well, don't get your panties all in a wad....I know this but it's ok, because then it will be almost winter and they will be closed up and get dirty again anyway.  Ya understand?

It's kind of like our little fish pond.  Hubby takes nasty green water down to where he can catch the fish and put them in the smaller pond of clean water that has been dechlorinatin - then he cleans out the filter and cleans the gunk out of the pond and fills it all up with fresh water.  Next day he puts those fish back in with nice, clear water with a cool fountain spray.  And do you know those fish mess it all up again with a couple weeks! And they seem to THRIVE on the green funky water. They have lived through 4 winters, frozen in the bottom of the little fish pond and every spring there they are again, bigger than ever! I keep thinking that one spring they will float to the top and we can finally do away with the fish pond that has been giving us a lovely sound, but is way too much work. But NO! Those little Wal-mart fish were supposed to ge goldfish but they HAVE to be Koi because they just keep growing.  So this summer I am going to do an experiment.  I want to see just how long I can stand to not clean out the fish pond. I want to know what happens when I can no longer see the fish and I want to see just how green that water gets.  I am also going to see how long it is before I just can't stand the nasty windows or baseboards any more!

You just might not want to come visit this summer, unless you are a kid...because kids just don't care whether your baseboards are clean or not!  Happy spring cleaning, y'all.  I'll be sitting on the porch, eatin pistachios.