Monday, February 20, 2012

my many homes

I was thinking today about just how many "homes" I have had over the years.  I essentially grew up in only three houses.  Born in Michigan, moved to Georgia at age of 2.5 and lived in Fulton and then Dekalb county until I married.  This is where the fun begins!  I tried to write down all the addresses from memory but that was impossible.  I started going through the good ole IRS records to see where I lived as I really can't remember!  Its funny how the mind starts to slip when you get older - the "sharper than a tack" becomes "dumber than a stump", the bones creak and everything hurts.  Oh, well that is another story for another day.  Anyway, counting all the Army bases while hubby was in and the job transfers when he worked, it seems there have been about 25. Now these are homes or apts., and it does not include staying with a family member while in the midst of a transfer.  So from all this what have I learned?  Well, besides the fact that a house is just a house, but a home is the people in it - I have learned that about every 3.5 years I get antsy to move again!!!  I can't help it! I find myself on the internet (now that we have the ability to do things "online") -before that it was the ads and little real estate books.  EVERY where I went I just had to look.  I have gotten some great ideas for decorating my own - at that time- home, but I just have wander-lust!  And now that we have bought what we call our "dieing house", meaning we plan on being in it when we die or at least having it for our residence at the time, I STILL find myself looking - in Florida - in Ohio (where the kids all live) and even where we live now - I just gotta see what is out there.  I have been told that I should get a real estate license.  I think that would be downright dangerous because I would literally probably want to move to most houses that I showed.  Honest.


  1. Nice first post. As grama Hopie says, "A house is a house, but a home is a home!"

  2. I like it. Your a gypsy that's why you want to move so much. Lol